Sometimes, the approved amount in an approved reimbursement claim may be different than the amount that you've requested. Here are a few common reasons why. 

Insufficient Account Balance

When a reimbursement claim is reviewed, we will always try to reimburse you up to the maximum account balance in your Twic account. 

Sometime, you may have requested more than you have or you may have spent down the account balance during the review. This may cause the final approved amount to be different from the amount you first submitted in the claim.

Eligibility Of The Purchase

During the review, we may also look at the line items on the receipt. Some of those items may not be eligible under the program policy and we may only include part of the receipt that is eligible. 

For example, let's say a $50 receipt from a gym contains a $40 monthly membership and a $10 towel service. Additionally, from the company's program policy, we know that gym membership is eligible but towel services are not. 

In this case, the approved reimbursement will be automatically adjusted to $40 during the review. 

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