If you've paid out-of-pocket for eligible expenses for certain benefits categories, you may qualify to get the money back via a reimbursement claim. With any eligible transaction, make sure to keep the receipt for verification purposes.

How do I submit a claim?

To get started, navigate to the Claims tab in the top navigation for your Twic account. Click on the File a Claim link. Fill in the form, attach a receipt, and you're done!

How long is the approval process?

A reimbursement claim is usually reviewed within 24-48 hours. An approval or rejection notice will be sent via email. You may also track the status of the claim from the Claim tab. 

How and when am I getting reimbursed?

In most cases, the reimbursed amount is processed via payroll reimbursement and processed on a monthly or quarterly basis. Please refer to your company's program policy for details.

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