When Twic Card is used, the authorization is done at the point of sale. If a transaction was declined, it may be due to the following reasons.

The attempted purchase is from an unverifiable merchant. 

if a merchant sells a wide variety of products, we may be unable to verify the eligibility of the purchase at the point of sale. Common merchants include:

  • Amazon.com
  • Costco
  • Walmart
  • REI
  • Other major retailers that sells a wide range of products

This is NOT to say that the attempted purchase is not eligible. If you believe that your attempted purchase is eligible, please contact our Member Experience Team and we'll review the merchant right away. 

In the meantime, you may pay for the product or service using a personal payment method and submit a reimbursement claim afterward. 

The attempted purchase is not eligible

If a purchase is ineligible, Twic Card automatically rejected the transaction to make sure the compliance standards for the company policy and the IRS regulations are met. 

If you believe this product should be eligible, please reach out to our Member Experience Team for review.

You do not have sufficient balance in your Twic Wallet to cover a purchase.

Twic Card works just like a debit card, in which you need to have enough balance to cover the entirety of a purchase. We are actively working on a solution that allows you to add additional balance to cover a large purchase. Stay tuned!

There was an issue with the information you entered.

Your Twic Card may decline because the card information was entered incorrectly. Here are some steps we recommend you take:Confirm the Billing Address in My Settings and confirm you are using the exact same billing information on your attempted purchase (correct Zip/Postal code, for example). Confirm that the Twic Card information is entered correctly, including card number, expiration, and CVV.

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