Sign up for an event

Browse the calendar or list to view the details of the event by clicking on the event in the home page. You'll be redirected to the event page.

Sign up by clicking the time blocks on the right or the green register button.

For events that have multiple sessions

Multi-session events are events that are short in sessions, but last for a long period of time. Depending on how the event is setup, you may only be able to register for one session in an event.

Sessions are presented as time blocks on the event. You can only register for multi-session events by clicking into the event and selecting a time block.


What is it?

When a session is at its capacity, the time block will be shown as yellow and the number of people currently on the waitlist will be shown.

When you register for a session that's full, you'll be placed on the waitlist and will not be guaranteed access to the event.

The queue

The system will automatically move you up the list when people in front of you cancel the registrations. You will be sent an email when you're officially added to the session.


I'm getting an error

"There was an error processing the payment request, but don't worry, you weren't charge: duplicate"

This may occur if you pressed the confirm button too many times, and we blocked the subsequent requests to prevent double charging you. Please try again in a minute or two. 

"There is no default payment method found associated with this account"

If there is a remaining balance or this is a program that you need to pay out of pocket, you will have to provide your payment information first. Please update your payment information here.

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