If you have a large, pre-paid eligible expense, you may use the recurring reimbursement claim feature to simplify the process. Typical expenses that may qualify include:

  • Pre-paid gym memberships

  • Sports equipment purchases

To schedule a recurring reimbursement claim, follow the same process as you would a regular reimbursement claim. Fill out the reimbursement form and enter the total amount. You should see a recurring reimbursement notification pop up automatically like the one below. 

And... that's it! 

Once the reimbursement claim is approved, you will first receive the full amount currently available in your account reimbursed and then get automatically approved for additional reimbursements when the account is renewed. Our system will automatically approve your recurring reimbursement claim on the same day of the following month of the first approval date.

For example, let's say a weightlifting rack costs $350. Suppose a recurring reimbursement request is submitted on 1/14 and the amount is $350. Assume the stipend is $100/mo.

For this recurring reimbursement request, it will be reimbursed $100 on 1/14, $100 on 2/14, $100 on 3/14, and $50 on 4/14. Since the total accrued reimbursement is $350 in April, the recurring reimbursement will be completed.

***If you have a subscription through Twic and a recurring reimbursement claim at the same time, your subscription may be billed to your personal payment method if a recurring reimbursement is scheduled to occur prior to your subscription renewal. 

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