Important note: This functionality is only available to members that have Twic Card and have their bank account connected to their Twic account.

What Is Flex Mode?

When Flex Mode is enabled, your Twic Card will allow for a broader range of eligible transactions to be approved immediately. If certain transactions require additional verification, Twic will send you an SMS text asking for you to provide a receipt to verify the purchase.

How Do You Enable Flex Mode?

  1. First, your bank account must be connected in order to setup Flex Mode. Connect your bank account by following the steps outlined here.
  2. Once your bank account has been connected, go the menu on the upper right-hand side and select Settings > Twic Card.
  3. Enable Flex Mode by clicking the slider to activate it.

How Does Flex Mode Work?

If a Twic card purchase requires additional verification:

1. You'll receive an SMS message from Twic that asks you to provide a receipt.

Your $12 purchase at Amazon was approved! Your wellness account balance is now $52. Please reply with a photo of the receipt for verification.

2. When you upload a receipt of your purchase, our team will review it for eligibility. When the transaction has been reviewed, we'll send you an email to notify you the result of the review.

  • If your receipt is approved: If your transaction is considered eligible under your program policy, you'll receive an email from Twic confirming your transaction was approved.
  • If your receipt is rejected: If your transaction is deemed ineligible and rejected, we'll deduct the transaction amount from the bank account linked to your Twic profile.
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