The following fees are applied to an HSA account with Twic:

1. Investment Account Fee: $2.50 per month

The fee will only be charged if you choose to participate in the optional HSA Investments. The fee could not be waived under any circumstances.

2. Closure Fee: $25.00 per occurrence

The fee for closing your account. If you wish to close the account, please reach out to our Member Experience Team. Please note that if you are ineligible to enroll in the HSA plan, it only disqualifies you from making contributions.

3. Transfer between HSA accounts

No fee needed. For more details, please see HERE.

4. Paper Statement Fee: Up to $1.50 per quarter

A printable electronic statement is provided free each quarter.

If you would like to receive paper statements, please follow the steps HERE.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Member Experience Team via live-chat, email to, or call us at 844-902-2902.

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