Twic will not be adjudicating HSA claims. Filing the claim is only for record-keeping, as we always encourage you to keep the receipts to avoid future tax headaches.

To get the reimbursements for your HSA expenses, please see the following instruction to "Pay Yourself".

1. Log into your Twic Portal.

2. Go to Accounts → Health Savings Account → Manage → Pay Myself.

3. You will be directed to a new page that shows your HSA Account Details.


4. Fill in all the information needed and submit the payment request.

5. Done!

For all HSA eligible purchases and services, please use the Pay Myself function to get reimbursements instead of filing a new claim.

Twic strives to be your record keeper - having proper records means -- in the event that does happen (let's hope not!) -- you just hand those over and the proof is there, keeping you organized, and out of trouble. You can simply save your claims or card transactions details by adding expense in the HSA account section.

Of course, you can keep track on your expenses history at the bottom of your HSA account page.

Meanwhile, we still encourage you to create another digital or physical file folder to keep a backup of those receipts on your own.

If you do not see the option or have any questions, please reach out to our Member Experience Team at, call us at 844-902-2902, or send us a live chat message from your Twic portal. We are here to help!

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