On the claim page in the Twic portal, you may see different statuses for your claims associated with your benefits accounts.

  1. Approved

    Your claim is approved.

  2. Rejected

    Your claim is denied. You may see the support note by clicking into the individual claim page, or you may see the denial reason in the notification email. If you don't understand why the claim is rejected, please feel free to reach out to our Member Experience Team via support@twic.ai or Live Chat.

  3. Pending

    Your claim is not yet reviewed. Our review team will review the claims within 2-3 business days.

    Please note that we do not adjudicate HSA claims. Please use the Bill Pay function to receive reimbursements for HSA expenses instead of filing a new HSA claim. For more information, please see HERE.

    For HSA claims you have submitted, we encourage you to create a digital or physical folder to keep a backup of receipts. Once you have created a record of your receipts and claims details, please reach out to our team to confirm we can delete the pending HSA claims from your account.

  4. Paid

    Your claim is approved, and the reimbursement is processed. Your reimbursement method is usually the default method you set in the settings.

    The process of reimbursements is on a weekly schedule. Payout is scheduled on Sundays. If your claim is reviewed by Sundays, you would expect the reimbursement in the following week.

    Please note that the Direct Deposit takes 3-4 days to show up. Checks arrive in 5-7 days. If you see your claim is paid but you hear nothing from the bank or receive no check after the expected payout, please reach out to our team.

  5. Partially Paid

    This only happens to DCAs or Commuter claims. For payroll-funded accounts, you can only access the balance in your account. If you submit an amount that is larger than your available balance, we will put the unreimbursed portion on-hold and set up recurring reimbursements.

    You will continue to get reimbursed once the account is loaded with money. Please see HERE for more details about an on-hold claim. The claim status will be PAID once you are fully reimbursed.

  6. Claim Adjusted Overpaid

    This happens when your claim is incorrectly approved and you are paid. Our team will have to reverse the claim and creates a balance due.

    To learn more about the balance due, please see HERE.

  7. No Receipt

    Your claim is not uploaded with a receipt successfully. Please note that there is a maximum single file size limit to 10MB, or a combined 30MB. If you see the status, please resubmit the claims or reach out to our support team to provide the documents for the claim. You may do a screenshot to reduce the file size.

  8. Partially Approved

    Your claim is only partially approved. You will receive a notification email to see how much you have been approved, and the denial reason for the portion that is not approved.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Member Experience Team via live-chat, email to support@twic.ai, or call us at 844-902-2902.

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