If you find a possible fraudulent transaction that neither you nor someone authorized by you performed, nor a merchant error (e.g. incorrect posted amount), please file a dispute according to the following steps.

Please note that the dispute process is not for ineligible transactions. In the case of merchant error, you should make a good faith effort to resolve with the merchant before submitting a dispute.

Steps to file a dispute

  1. In all cases of fraud, suspected fraud, or a lost/stolen card, you should take immediate action, even before submitting an official dispute. Please cancel the Twic Card directly from your Member Portal settings page, or email support@twic.ai to deactivate the card immediately and get a new one re-issued if applicable.

  2. Contact our Member Experience team via email (support@twic.ai) or log-in to your Twic Member Portal and contact us using the live chat box that will appear at the bottom of your interface.
    Please provide us with the following information:

    • The last 4 digits of your Twic Card that was fraudulently charged

    • The amount (and currency) of the transaction(s)

    • The date and time of the transaction(s)

    • The merchant name and product purchased

    • A brief explanation for why you are disputing the purchase(s)

    • Any additional details, evidence, and/or relevant documents that may aid the investigation

  3. Once we have received the necessary information listed above, we will investigate your account and file an official dispute with our card-issuer partner.

  4. Then, you're all set! We will directly follow-up with you via chat or email as soon as we have any updates regarding the dispute results.

DEADLINE: Disputes must be submitted within 110 calendar days of the transaction date to be considered.

Note: Once the dispute request is submitted, it will be forwarded to the relevant team for review. Then, it will be investigated by the Fraud Department of our card-issuer partner. For most transactions, our card-issuer partner would require up to 24 hours to verify if a transaction was indeed authorized. If the transaction was authorized, they will be able to start the official dispute investigation procedure. This process typically takes between 30 and 90 days.

Please note that the instructions outlined in this article is related to the Twic Card issued with your employer-sponsored program (related article: What is Twic Card?). Alternatively, if you would like to file a transaction dispute for your pre-tax Benefits Card, please see this article instead, or reach out to our Member Experience team for direct assistance.

Additionally, please be advised that the Twic Card may not be applicable for all members. Make sure to check your Program Policy, or consult our Member Experience Team to confirm your eligibility.

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